Back from Vacation: Ready to Go!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I spent my final week of August traveling cross country (my first stop was Toronto and the HHOF), a very worthwhile endeavor. However, I was not far from Ranger rumblings and as my fellow bloggers have been on top of, not much has changed, but rumors are rampant.

The Sundin watch continues to unfold, with a radio interview on Toronto AM640 yesterday. Darren Dreger of TSN interviewed Sundin who simply said he still doesn't know.

Brendan Shanahan has also been in the news lately, saying he is back in Manhattan, his kids are in school, and he still intends to be a Ranger. He also noted that many clubs seem to be at a standstill because of the Sundin situation.

Again, I feel both of these come back to the September 15th NHLPA deadline, which could lead to player's bonuses not counting against the cap.

Nonetheless, another rumor popped up this morning involving Marian Gaborik of the Minnesota Wild. It's not really a rumor, but more of a one line "don't be surprised if..." Honestly, I would be very surprised if the Wild don't retain him, but if I were the Rangers and this was feasible, I would consider it.

The Rangers have lacked a young stud winger for as long as I can remember and this could be a lethal combination with the likes of Naslund and Zherdev.

More in a bit as we begin to unfold the new season...

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  1. FAUX RUMORS Says:

    1) Gaborik isn't going anywhere. The Wild lost Demitra and Rolston, leaaving Gaborik as only one of maybe 3 reliable scoring forwards on the team.
    2) Jacques(The Gum Chewer) Lemaire's defense(snooze) system may be good enough to eke out a lot of 2-1 wins, but trade Gaborik and those become 1-0 losses!

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