Chiming In on NYR Bloggers

As the Rangers get set for Game 4 at MSG tonight, there was one topic I wanted to chime in on.

Yesterday, Steve Zipay said on his blog Blue Notes, (in so many words) that he dislikes the bloggers out there who pretend to be professional. This created a bit of a stir in the comments section.

Now, I have met Steve (though I am sure he couldn't pick me out of a crowd) and he was a gentleman. He is also well respected and a fine writer. Additionally, he contributes to Blueshirt Bulletin and always has very interesting insight.

I believe his mini-rant was taken a bit out of context.

My purpose for addressing his comments was that I am in a unique position where I am part blogger/ part professional and can see both sides of the coin.

When I began this blog a couple years ago, there were only a handful of really active up-and-coming blogs. You had Scotty Hockey, Rangers Review, The Dark Ranger, The Hockey Rabbi, just to name a few (didn't mean to leave anyone out, but you check ALL of them out over on the right hand side) and we all associated and grew together.

We each also had our own style and way of presenting our views. Scotty, for example, is very detailed and has a wonderful light-hearted humor aspect to much of what he writes. Inferno at Rangers Review is incredibly thorough and leaves no angle uncovered. The Dark Ranger relates to the fans incredibly well and makes you feel like you are sitting in the Blue Seats.

Myself, I fall somewhere in the middle. My journalism background keeps me a bit at bay with my opinions, but my "fan-hood" allows me to be emotional.

There is no right or wrong way to any of this, it's just what happened to work for each of us.

And our blogs have become a community. As I have transitioned over to Blueshirt Bulletin more frequently, I have had some contributors here. Scotty has worked with the NY Times and still continued his own blog. And we have all met new bloggers and websites that we have affiliated with or at the very least gave a link to.

However, as is the nature of the beast, blogging has grown exponentially and because there is no restriction or legislation, anyone can say what they want and how they want.

I don't believe Zipay was referring to those blogs who go out and share the links of the professionals or comment on the games themselves. I believe he was more or less talking about those who steal quotes as their own or present themselves to be authoritative when in reality, they are fans like anyone else.

The Blueshirt Bulletin, for example, has nearly the same press access as the major beat writers (we just don't get the premium ice level seats) and since I work with them, does that give me any more insight ? To a degree, as does my work with Stan Fischler and other various hockey outlets.

But at the same time, freedom of speech is an uncompromising ideal regardless of experience. If I am allowed to say what I feel, than anyone else can (and should) do the same.

What I think the blogging community and readership should strive to do, however, is keep the level of integrity as high as possible. If you use a photo or a quote, attribute it properly because someone worked hard to get it. If someone uses poor unnecessary offensive language, you don't need to visit or respond. And just because you disagree doesn't mean that the writer needs to be bashed for their view. That's why it's opinion.

Here, I have always cherished feedback and comments (though they come a bit less often now that I am here less) and if you disagreed with me, I countered with a point or gave you credit for your opinion. And that's all blogs are: a place for opinions and debate.

In the end, almost no bloggers have press access with the Rangers or are paid for their perspective. But many of them do pay to see the team and in this day and age, there's something to be said for that.

Blogging isn't going anywhere and all we can hope is that the standard that many exhibit are maintained by those who are getting into it.

Stop by Section 212 tonight to say hi...

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  1. FAUX RUMORS Says:

    1) We dispise when a 'professional writer', Zippy or otherwise, get their britches in a bunch over bloggers. They apparently (they should) feel threatened by the free flow of expression by the unwashed masses.
    2) For good or bad, the days of professional writers is waning. In the info age we don't need to be told what happened. We can see it for ourselves and decide/decifer the info for ourselves.
    3) Its sports(hockey) not rocket science. These pro writers don't know the game(most less) than the average fanatic who watches/goes to 150+ or so hockey games annually

  2. Price per player Says:

    But writers are usually among the players, getting info that not anyone gets access to, speaking to the players and managers, it's a whole different world than being an average fanatic.

    I do think that they know a bit more about the game.

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